Riddle of the day

Today's riddle:

I sleep during the day,
At night my wings unfurl, blotting out the night.
When you get me you hang me, draw me, even quarter me.

Riddle of the day

Happy Easter. Here's my riddle for today:

Sweet secrets I hold in my dark embrace
Child of the east and west
Enjoy me while you can

Riddle of the day

Today's riddle is hopefully easier than yesterday's:

Clearly the threshold between here and there,
where hot meets cold, but air doesn't meet air.

Riddle of the day

I hope you are enjoying the riddles. Here's one I came up with this morning:

Trees wept tears for you
The limping god cared for you
Yet you waste away.

Riddle of the day

Today's riddle:
I sit in silence, waiting,
many eyed, always watching.
I beg for a tender touch when woken,
lest the shrieking silence be broken.


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